Student Profile: Abbie Shaw

Hello! I am Abbie Shaw, a sophomore at the Louisville Creative Arts Academy.  I’ve been a part of this program since I attended summer camp in 2016 and it has since opened my eyes to many interests and talents.

Abbie Shaw, Contributing Writer, Actress, Singer, Dancer

Abbie Shaw, Contributing Writer, Actress, Singer, Dancer

In the fall of 2016, I attended the Louisville Drama Project class, participating in the Dinner Theater. The next semester, I decided to join the costuming class taught by Lizzy Savastio. In class, I learned multiple things, from sewing techniques to how to appropriately choose costumes for a show in a specific time period. The students in  class had a very special bond and we even got to take a field trip to look for costume pieces! In the spring semester, I also auditioned for the production of “Annie” directed by Cricket Hater and I was cast in the role of Grace Farrell. It definitely helped me grow as a performer and as a person in many ways. I attended the summer camp in 2017 and took the musical theatre class taught by Noah Robinson. At camp, I gained more experience in performing and also gained many new friends. In the fall semester of 2017, I decided to take vocal masters class, taught by Tasha Hatchett. In vocal class, we are learning proper singing techniques and we also have been assigned an Italian song to rehearse as a group. The class is pushing us all to be better singers and performers.

I am a part of the Louisville Drama Project for my second year as well and we are working on “Holiday Inn”, our dinner theatre this year.  I also have auditioned for the play “The Miracle Worker” directed by Jim Savastio and received the role of Annie Sullivan. “The Miracle Worker” is pushing my acting skill to places I never imagined they would go and has helped bring me closer to both old and new friends. 

It’s so nice to be able to perform at a place where I know people are helping me focus on giving God the glory by using the talents we all have. The friendships and lessons I’ve gained here are absolutely priceless. All in all, Louisville Creative Arts Academy has changed my life and brought me closer to the Lord, my friends, and has helped my find what I love to do with my time.