Senior Profile: Victoria Grace Sanders

A word about LCAA by graduating Senior, Grace Sanders

With a passion for writing and a interest in theater, I decided to spend my last year of high school taking classes at the Louisville Creative Arts Academy. The first semester I took Intro to Drama, Creative Writing, Career Development and Art. These classes provided great hands on experiences. I was able to meet people with unique, successful careers, strengthen my writing skills, try new writing techniques, learn about many famous artists and their styles, and enhance my articulation.

During my second semester I took Advanced Drama and Shakespeare Lives. In these classes I learned how to dance like an Elizabethan, speak in old English and understand what I was saying, how to carry my voice across the room without yelling, and navigating the stage.

A few of the many great thing about the Louisville Creative Arts Academy is that at the end of each semester they put on a production so that the students can display what they have learned from the classes they had taken. Another thing that I specifically found important that I learned from these classes was that you need to interpret your character as you see it. The monologue that I had chosen to perform for Advanced Drama was about a girl who blew up a Mercedes. At first I assumed that she was angry, but I learned that if I wanted to take on this character in the best way possible for me, it was to actually make it humorous.

Through the classes and the semester production, I made many great friends, even with people I did not share classes with. The connections I developed were strong and I learned so much from them. Also, the teachers I had were so great and kind to me. I will remember them always.  I am so thankful to have went to the Louisville Creative Arts Academy my Senior year of high school. It is one of the few co-ops where I stayed a year because I loved it that much.