LCAA Student Profile : David Korfhage

I’m David Korfhage and I’m a guy dancer!


I never thought of dancing. None of my friends danced so it never came to mind. Then one day my mom told me she signed me up for the dance class at LCAA. At first I thought she was crazy! I’d never danced before and I didn’t even know if I could.  The first class started and I thought it was fun. I caught on pretty quickly to my surprise.

I never saw myself trying to make a career out of dance however it wasn’t long before my thoughts changed.  About four months went by and I started to like dance more and more. I still stayed in the back of class so no one would see me if I messed up. LCAA put on a showcase I was able to dance in. Many parents and friends complimented my performance and that gave me the boost of confidence changing my mind about dance. Ever since then I’ve always been front in class and started taking dance more seriously.

About a year later I woke up and walked into the kitchen to find my mom on the phone with the Legacy School of Dance. She was talking about what classes to sign me up for. Again… I thought she was crazy! I hopped on board when I found out that I’d be taking Jazz and Hip Hop! I’d always wanted to learn how to do Hip Hop.

After about seven months of practice it was time for my first competition, I’m not going to lie I was super nervous especially because I was one of the two guys in the whole competition.  I knew a lot of people were going to be watching me. As we got back stage to begin, I started to forget the dance.  I calmed down and did a shake out to loosen up and clear my mind.  As we finished the dance and were walking off stage I felt electrified! My thoughts were, “I can’t believe I just did that.”


David and team

Rainbow Dance Competition 2019

The next two competitions were a lot better because I’d gotten my jitters out the first time. My teammates and I did great. It was so much fun! The next competition was nationals. I was so excited, the whole car ride I was listening to the song and dancing in my seat. When we got to the hotel I practiced at least 20 times just for fun.

It felt so amazing to be at Nationals. Just a year ago I didn’t know the first thing about Hip Hop and here I am with this great group of dancers performing for a huge crowd. Turns out we won first place in our division and overall!

To be part of a team of dancers you really need to have respect for each other and trust. So not only have I learned to dance and compete I’ve also gained many new friends.

I just have to say thank you to my mom for pushing me to try new things. If she didn’t sign me up for that first dance class at LCAA, I may have never found dance.

Check out David at competition with his team from the Legacy School of Dance

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